Player Bursary Programme

Player Bursary Programme

Oxford Cricket Club recognises that cricket incurs a significant cost to support and enable a player to participate. To reduce barriers for inclusion, we aim to aid those individuals and families where cost is a barrier. We provide access to financial assistance for the following three areas.

  • Membership Subscriptions
  • Match Fees
  • Playing kit and equipment

Our 2024 club costs are:

  • Men's Subscriptions - £115 per season (Students/Universal Credit Recipients- £65)
  • Women's Subscriptions - £80 per season (Students/Universal Credit Recipients - £45)
  • Youth Subscriptions - £70 per season (Siblings and volunteer discounts reduce this further)
  • Men's Match fees - £10 per match ( Students/Universal Credit Recipients - £5)
  • Women's Match fees - £9 per match ( Students/Universal Credit Recipients - £4)
  • Youth Match fees - £2.50 per match

In addition to discounts for youth siblings and coaches/committee members we refund the costs of Level 1 (ECB foundation) coaching courses (after any Oxfordshire Cricket bursary) and also any Umpire or Scorer courses. The club may also consider funding or part-funding advanced coaching courses including Level 2 (ECB Core).

Our Privacy Policy is available here and includes details of how we use personal information.

Eligibility and Criteria

We aim to support those players who currently receive support through the Pupil Premium or Universal Credit. For those players we will look to reduce their costs by up to 100%. Applicants will need to provide evidence of their Pupil Premium or Universal Credit status.

We are also very willing to accept applicants who are not Pupil Premium or Universal Credit beneficiaries. In these circumstances applicants will need to provide details as to why they believe they should receive financial support.

Application Process

Individuals can apply to receive financial assistance at any time each calendar year between October and September by completing and submitting a Bursary application form. If successful, financial assistance will apply for the entirety of a player's participation within that calendar year until the end of September.

Each submitted application will be dealt with confidentially by an Awarding Panel from Oxford Cricket Club who are: our Safeguarding officers, the EDI officer, and the Club Treasurer. The Awarding Panel will assess the information submitted within each application and will decide whether the application has been successful and the level of support that may be offered. Each application will be acknowledged upon submission and all applicants will be notified of the Awarding Panels decision within 10 working days.

Player Bursary's are discretionary and therefore there is no guarantee that an application will be successful. Even if you meet the criteria, unfortunately we cannot guarantee a bursary will be offered. All offers of financial assistance are entirely at the discretion of the panel, and any decisions are final.

Please complete this form to apply for a Player Bursary.