Oxford Cricket Club Honour Codes
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2. Oxford Cricket Club Honour Codes

Club Honour Code

January 2024

Our honour code is linked to our Code of Conduct. Part of it draws from the section in the MCC laws of the game about the Spirit of Cricket.

“Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws, but also within the Spirit of Cricket. The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the captains, but extends to all players, match officials and, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches and parents.

Respect is central to the Spirit of Cricket.
Respect your captain, team-mates, opponents and the authority of the umpires.
Play hard and play fair.
Accept the umpire’s decision.
Create a positive atmosphere by your own conduct, and encourage others to do likewise.
Show self-discipline, even when things go against you.
Congratulate the opposition on their successes, and enjoy those of your own team.
Thank the officials and your opposition at the end of the match, whatever the result.

Cricket is an exciting game that encourages leadership, friendship and teamwork, which brings together people from different nationalities, cultures and religions, especially when played within the Spirit of Cricket.”

As a member of Oxford Cricket Club, members are expected to abide by the following honour code:

All Members Honour Code

I/We will:
Encourage sportsmanship, and respect for the spirit of the game
Respect the dignity of everyone involved in the game
Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat
Defer to officials’ and coaches’ judgment
Address any complaints or concerns to the club committee in the first instance

Supporters, Parents, Carers and Guardians Honour Code

I/We will:
Applaud the performances by both my team and their opponents
Thank the coaches, officials and other volunteers who give their time to the game
Acknowledge that the game is the player’s game not mine
Use appropriate language with players, coaches, officials and other spectators at all times

Players Honour Code

I/We will:
Compete in good spirit, striving to uphold the laws of the game
Train and compete to the best of my ability at all times
Avoid provocative conduct designed to undermine our opponent’s or the officials’ performance
Address any on-field complaints through the captain or team manager
Be positive and encourage my teammates
Thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game
Not take performance-enhancing drugs